Filth of Humanity

by Revenge Season

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released October 31, 2016

Mitchell Garrett at Loudmouth Recordings
Artwork by Meriam Jane

Beginning and Ending credits: Tiny Tim.



all rights reserved


Revenge Season Atlanta, Georgia

Twitter: @revengeseason_
Instagram: @Revengeseasonatl

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Track Name: Intro
Revenge Season
Track Name: Bottom Out
How do I escape all of this pain and world full of strife? Tie a noose around my neck and cinch it up tight? Should I succumb to your threats and lay here to die or fight the thoughts in my mind to keep me alive?
Life has drug me a far as the next but I can't let fear of life control my death.

And you thought I wouldn't take it this far
Track Name: Compromise/Sacrifice
Why was I brought into a life I don't want to live? Free my soul into a world of bliss. I'm beaten and broken with a soul no longer wanted. I'm beaten and broken these words are better unspoken. No longer loved. I am unloved. Compromise/Sacrifice. Will I ever suffice?
Track Name: Filth of Humanity
There is no justice for you
There is no justice for me
We are destined to burn in this filth of humanity
Victimizing the weak for your callous needs
Exterminate the lies given to mankind
"I am no stranger to suffering. You made me a victim." Why do the rest us have to struggle with this fucked up system?
Raise your noose in the air
Be proud to leave this earth
For I don't want to be apart of your bullshit perfect world.

*The words quoted "I am no stranger to suffering. You made me a victim." Were used in the victim of Brock Turner's statement.*